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Feedback ♥

Feb. 14th, 2013 | 08:32 pm

This is my page, where you can write a little feedback about me as your customer/ seller.

I hope everything went smoothly with the trades!
Thank you for your feedback!



♥ positiv : 1
♥ neutral : 0
♥ negativ : 0

Hi ♥

Feb. 13th, 2013 | 02:22 pm
location: Germany

So uhm hi everybody!
I'm not good in writing blogs or journals... so I think this will be horrible for everyone to read...
But I'll give it a try anyway... maybe I'll laugh about me someday!

Well something about me for the first post will be fine right?

My name is Youna and "YounaTheQueen" comes from Age of Empire, where I called myself the Queen because it's a game about your own kingdom... I'm a really bad player anyway... but the name kinda feels good and a little bit selfconfidence couldn't hurt right? ♥
I'm 21 years old and from the north of Germany. So English is not my first language (well... that's obviously because my englsih is really bad...)
My biggest hobby is fashion ♥
I'm in love with Lolita (especially Sweet-Lolita), Fairy Kei and I also like Visual Kei and Oshare Kei. Since a few weeks I'm also into Gyaru/Gal-Fashion, but I wouldn't consider myself as a gal yet.

So this is me:

I hope I'll meet some really nice people in livejournal!
But for now, it's enough about me.